Cosmos cyber reality will become a virtual reality platform that utilizes the web-browser. By entering the virtual metaverse you can access 3D applications built by other people or create your own models. You can use, play or create virtually anything you can think of.
Using blockchain technology assets in the virtual metaverse can be owned and traded. With $CYBR as digital currency you can trade your goods or pay for experiences anywhere on the platform.


The client layer runs in the user’s web browser. It renders the view with 3D models using web standards and makes it available in all modern browsers that support WebVR. This can be on a PC/Mac, tablet, mobile phone or VR headset.

The blockchain layer fulfills multiple use cases in the platform. It will be the ledger for the payment system in the platform, but it also keeps ownership data for the land parcels and other assets in the system.

The server layer provides a distributed data backbone for the system. It will also be used to perform interaction tasks for the clients and governance system for the platform.


New technology leads to new opportunities. With the recent developments in virtual reality, it will soon be possible for everyone to use digital devices and the internet in a new way. By making 3D designs available in the browser our online experience can become as real as the world around us. The internet will no longer be a flat screen display of text and images but a new world of 3-dimensional experience.

The Cosmos Cyber Reality team has thought of a way to build and explore this new world. Not only by combining the currently available technologies but also by thinking of a way for everyone to use and exploit the new digital world. Keywords are distributed, community governed and open sourced. Like the current internet it will be possible to create your own content, advertise, sell, buy and game. But this time with the reality of the real world.

The Cosmos Cyber Reality will become a platform to navigate through the web like you’re walking through a city. Your website will become a structure which can be entered like a building. Items can be viewed from all angles or experienced like a rollercoaster.



2018 Q4

  • Business White Paper
  • Website design
  • Setup communication platforms
  • Community building

2019 Q1

  • COSMOS land design announced
  • Team expansion

2019 Q2

  • Technical White Paper
  • Documentation (wiki)
  • Development guidelines
  • Foundation launch

2019 Q3

  • COSMOS Application (Alpha)
  • COSMOS forming (first land sale)
  • Alpha release SDK
  • SDK documents (wiki)

2019 Q4

  • SDK Beta release
  • Application Beta release
  • Community store online (3D models, scripts, plugins)
  • Foundation decentralization plans release


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Nick Friedrich

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Joey Sonius

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